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Comparing Current Internet Service

Families who have recently moved into a new home or apartment may be wondering which internet service option is best for their home computers and laptops. About two decades ago, dial up was the most popular option for consumers. Dial up gave people an internet connection of approximately 56 kilobytes per second, which is approximately 3 megabytes per minute. Dial up was acceptable for small files, but large files would take hours to download. Nowadays, internet service has advanced to the point in which consumers choose either DSL or Cable internet for their cheap high speed internet connections. Any homeowner or business owner would be best off selecting one of these options to receive maximum benefits.

The Difference between DSL and Cable Internet

DSL is a form of internet connection that connects your computer to a phone line to transmit information. Either subscribers can use a traditional phone line, or they can connect using the computer's built in internal modem. The benefit of using this type of service is that it operates at speeds that are three times faster than that of dial up. The same 1mb file that would take three minutes on dial up could download in 16 seconds using a high speed DSL connection.

A cable internet connection has the same speed capacity as a DSL connection and can sometimes be faster. The difference between this type of connection and a DSL connection is that the cable modem transmits information using cable television lines.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both cable and DSL service. For example, someone who uses a DSL Verizon internet service can use his or her phone while operating the computer. However, the disadvantage is that consumers who are not located close to a provider may have reduced speeds.
The advantage of cable is that distance does not affect its performance as it does with DSL. However, if many people in the area are also using the service, it could slow down significantly because of the crowded bandwidth. Cable service is often more expensive than DSL services as well.

Choosing Cheap High Speed Internet

The positive part of selecting DSL or cable internet service is that one can find a plethora of deals. Cheap high-speed internet is not difficult to find. The easiest way for a new customer to find service providers in the area is to search for internet providers by zip code. Conducting a search through Google can help a person to locate providers that are offering deals in the area. In some cases, one might be able to find free wireless internet service during a promotion. Additionally, searching for internet providers by zip code will help a person to stay within a good range to the provider he or she chooses.

The NetZero internet service is one that offers a multitude of services for a very low price. A consumer can order its DSL service for as little as $9.95 a month. The service will give that person a free wireless modem, antivirus and spyware protection, free live DSL support, and more. NetZero internet service also offers 4G mobile broadband devices for people who would like to try an alternative method.

Verizon internet service is also one to consider. The company start its high-speed internet packages at $19.99 and offers various tiers of speed depending on the monthly charge. The most advanced package offers speeds of 15mbps, which would allow a person to download 10 songs in 27 seconds.

Other options are available such as Wi-Fi devices and hotspots. Some consumers swear by the speeds of Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi is not very useful if there are no hotspots in the area. Those who choose to purchase hot spot devices may be satisfied with download speed of 4-5mbps, but the drawback to using Wi-Fi is that the person has to stay in close proximity to the source to benefit from it. As a free wireless internet service option, it is great.

Selecting which service to use takes quite a bit of research. The prospective customer should conduct studies to find the closest provider with the best prices and the most reliability. It is not difficult to find those elements in one provider, but it does take time and a firm understanding of speed expectations.

Internet Service Providers
Internet service providers, or ISPs, come in a wide variety of prices and services offered. Shopping around for an ISP can be frustrating because there are so many options available. Due to the number of ISPs out there, deciding which one is going to be best for a particular business situation can be tricky. A cheap internet service provider may offer low-cost internet service but not provide satellite or high speed access. Another ISP may offer satellite access but slower DSL internet service.

When determining which ISP is best, the first thing to do is make a list of the type of services required for personal or business use. For example, is there a need high speed internet service like DSL, or will something else work just as well for a little less money per month? Also, if DSL is necessary, will it be high speed DSL internet or something less? The trick is to find a high quality ISP with lots of features, great customer service, at a price that is affordable.

Typically the best ISPs are offered by the big corporations. These big companies deal in volume so they are able to offer more services and features for less money. The most competitive price structures will be found with the big ISPs, especially for larger businesses. The big boys will have the best and latest equipment and be able to provide the fastest Internet connection speeds available. Some of the biggest ISP providers are AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon.

AT&T DSL Internet Service

If value and low price are a primary concern, AT&T high speed DSL Internet service may be the best wireless internet service for the least cost. Typically slower than cable or fiber-optic ISPs, they do offer some really low cost packages for Internet access. Like all DSL internet services, the faster speeds may be limited to proximity to a local telephone company central office. They also offer free WiFi internet service with a free modem if internet services are ordered online.

All but the cheapest AT&T plans offer reduced first-year rates, Those without phone service will pay an additional $5 per month on all plans offered. They offer 11 free email accounts with each plan and offers an Internet security package for an extra $5 per month. While not the fastest, they offer some of the lowest cost ISP plans.

Comcast High Speed Internet

One may think that Comcast doesn't offer high speed internet service because it's considered to be a typical Cable provider . They actually have some pretty good plans and prices for high speed internet service. Several plans are offered which provide anything from a slower 14x Dial-up to a 100x dial up access. Some of their specials include cash rebates, a free cable modem, and a free wireless router.

Comcast really shines in their mix-and-match bundling offers which combine cable, internet, and phone service in a single package for a competitive price. As an ISP, this company strives to find the perfect fit for the particular business or personal Internet needs. They also claim to have lightning-fast download speeds that are much faster than typical DSL due to their enhanced fiber-optic network. They also offer PowerBoost® which provides even faster download and upload speeds. Norton Security Suite, which guards against hackers, viruses, spam, and phishing is provided as a free service.

Verizon FiOS Service

Ranked very highly by it's own customers, Verizon is considered one of the better ISPs out there. The FiOS plan offers download speeds from 15Mbps to 50Mbps. As with most ISP/Cable providers, they can offer substantial discounts when ordered as a bundle with Internet, TV, and local phone service. There are nine e-mail accounts with each plan offered and the two higher-cost plans include free Wi-Fi along with a free wireless router.

While a bit more expensive than other cable ISPs, Verizon was ranked highly in an extensive consumer satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, PCMag.com, and ConsumerReports.org. That superior customer satisfaction may be a good reason to pay more to get superior service and customer satisfaction with the FiOS ISP. The biggest downside is that it's not offered everywhere across the country.

To get a clear picture of all options offered by local internet providers sure to check do some homework and ask businesses or business folks who have personal experience with a particular ISP. Word of mouth is always going to provide the best recommendation for any internet service provider. Another way to find an ISP is to check the local computer newspapers which are usually offered for free at libraries, grocery stores, and restaurants. Finally, check Yahoo's list of regional ISPs or the ISP List at http://thelist.iworld.com/. From either of those sites one can determine what ISPs offer and which are best.

Top 10 US ISPs and their market share (as of 2008)

SBC (AT&T) (business and consumer DSL, U-Verse, and satellite—ISDN not disclosed)
Comcast (cable broadband)
Road Runner (cable broadband, both business and residential)
Verizon (FiOS and DSL)
America Online (all U.S. AOL brand accounts)
EarthLink (DSL, dialup, cable, satellite, PLC, and webhosting—some other business lines not included)
Charter (cable broadband)
Qwest (DSL only)
Cablevision (cable broadband)
United Online (counting paid access only)

data from isp-planet.com

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